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About Us



Precisia Care SA is a proud Swiss company, headquartered at Biopole Lausanne, an epicenter of life sciences and innovation. Standing at the confluence of technology and healthcare, we are unwaveringly dedicated to transforming patient care through AI-driven solutions. Our ethos is anchored in the conviction that by melding medical knowledge with AI prowess and steadfast commitment, we can chart new horizons in healthcare innovation.

In the CEO's Words

Anis Ghorbel
Co-founder, CEO, & Chairman of the Board

Meet the People Driving Our Mission

The heart of Precisia Care SA is its dedicated team – a league of experts driven by the passion to synergize AI and medical proficiency, transforming the healthcare landscape. Our combined expertise and steadfast commitment set us apart, fueling our mission to uplift healthcare providers and patient care alike

Leadership Team

Board Members

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